• About me

    I'm a PhD student at UCSD perennially fascinated by HCI. I work with Philip Guo to design & build scalable tools for learning programming online. Click (or tap) the title to view my resume.
  • A stab at Interaction Design

    Developed as a mobile web app, Nutravisor was designed in an iterative fashion using techniques of needfinding, prototyping, heuristic evaluation, A/B testing, etc.
  • Art, Depixelized

    See a frame-by-frame translation of gameplay from Super Mario Bros. into the corresponding Voronoi diagrams, which can be scaled to high-resolution screen without losing fidelity (being vector shapes).
  • A summer at Adobe

    My internship at Adobe Technology Labs (Bangalore) was in an open-ended role related to Business Intelligence and Campaign Design. We analyzed abandonment of shopping carts to classify site visitors based on likelihood to buy. Also, their propensity to unsubscribe from related e-commerce email campaigns was evaluated. We filed two US patents at the end of the internship. My unique contribution was visualizing both tendencies in conjunction, to better target customers of e-commerce sites.
  • A little bit of humor

    Computational Humor is pretty serious business: it is the problem of generating, identifying and even responding to humorous situations. Read ahead for a great seminar on the topic.