About me

I am a UXer who likes to reimagine how things should work – given real-world constraints – and test hypotheses with users. I go beyond mandates to maximize product impact, with a careful attention to detail. I currently work at MathWorks, where I am responsible for designing...

Improving the readability of error messages

As a UX research intern at Google, I substantially improved the usability of error messages in Flutter by means of interviews with stakeholders, applications of visual design techniques in prototyping, online surveys (to do an unmoderated usability study!) and quantitative analysis.

Exploring new interactions with screencast videos

Codemotion is a prototype video player created by me for the purpose of surfacing a technical solution in a neutral way, and gathering ideas about where users would like to see it integrated in their own workflows.

Designing a responsive mobile app

Nutravisor is a mobile web app that helps people get visual feedback about how healthy their meals are, without relying on an overload of textual information. It was created in an iterative fashion using techniques of needfinding, paper prototyping, heuristic evaluation and A/B testing.

Startup UCSD hackathon

Background: Business marketing is messy, and it’s even harder for small businesses and shops to get the word out. Sure, they can create a Facebook page and try to market it themselves, but they have to compete with companies with huge ad budgets, content strategists and social...

Widgets for e-commerce marketer dashboards

I spent a summer at Adobe Technology Labs (Bangalore) with a multidisciplinary team consisting of two interns and a data scientist, Moumita Sinha. We decided to study and visualize shopping cart abandonment for the purpose of permission marketing. We classified visitors of a prominent e-commerce site...

A study of conversational agent design

As distance programming education grows, exploring ways to provide one-on-one tutoring is important. We conducted an experiment to study how conversation agent-tutors impact programming. Participants solved two problems in an online learn-to-code platform. In the control, they were given no outside assistance. In the treatment, we simulated an assistive chat...