About me

I am a UXer who likes to (re)imagine how things should work – given real-world constraints – and test hypotheses with users. I go beyond mandates to maximize product impact, with a careful attention to detail.

I currently work at MathWorks, where I am responsible for designing and conducting user research about various aspects of MATLAB, a software platform for scientists and engineers. I partner with over 7 dev. teams and cross-functional partners to make MATLAB easy to use for non-programmers and flexible/powerful enough for developers. Some highlights:

Previously, I was a UX research intern at Google, where I redesigned how errors look in Flutter to improve readability and eventual task outcomes.

As a graduate student specializing in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), I worked with Prof. Philip Guo in the Design Lab at UC San Diego, to create scalable user-centered systems to help people learn and do programming. I was also a teaching assistant for multiple HCI courses and conducted lectures for 200+ students. Here is an outline of the different areas of my work: